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Long Lasting Community Development Association 

The Long Lasting Community Development Association is a 501(c) 3 non-profit social service organization, officially established in 2005. 

Goal:  A well adjusted and self-sufficient refugee and immigrant community. 

 To achieve this goal, we provide assistance to: 

  • improve basic knowledge & skills, 
  • enhance confidence, and 
  • raise awareness.    


As a new Immigrant, the founder herself felt fear and frustration on a daily basis as all Immigrants and Refugees do. She faced countless firsthand challenges and overcame them by applying the experience she had from working for several self-sufficiency programs in her native country of Bangladesh and the knowledge and skills she gained after moving to America. 

After establishing herself in her new home she wanted to help others to do the same. Since the journey began, LLCDA continues to show an outstanding ability to help increasing numbers of people achieve their goals. Through the mothers of households, who are our primary participants, we impact the children and inspire others in the family as well.  

LLCDA differs from other programs specifically because of the founder's unique skills, constant presence and facilitation of activities--helping bridge the gaps. 

We rely heavily on volunteers and donated money, goods and services. 

LLCDA had conducted 4 successful grant funded projects..


The people we serve:

*Refugees, Immigrants, and International Students from all Colors, Ethnicities and Religious beliefs (and their family members). 

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